Lesley Pearse

Secrets by Lesley Pearse.

I borrowed quite a few of these, I realized. However, here is a review of ‘Secrets’ by Lesley Pearse.

Its the story of Adele, a girl growing up in a violent home who has to protect her little sister, Pamela. But when Pamela is killed, Adele is turfed out and has to make her own way in the world; through pain and confusion, hurt and despair. Years later, she meets Michael, a boy who she falls in love with and he joins the RAF. He also has a strange, disjoined homelife with a mother who does nothing herself and a lawyer father who clearly has some secrets.

Along the way, we meet Adele’s grandmother, Honour, and a filial relationship develops between the two.

Nothing ground-breaking, but sweet enough with plenty of twists and turns and contains enough historical detail to keep the historical boffins satisfied. It brings the years of the Blitz to life, and when old faces return we see relationships develop and new bonds formed. Bitterly and ironically tragic in its own way (but with a happy ending) its a good book to read on the beach or somewhere like that. I question some of the character’s motives for doing what they do sometimes, and in some cases this was no exception.



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