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House Rules by Jodi Picoult.

I just finished reading this, about 10 minutes ago (SPOILERS AHEAD.)

Now that I’m finished this book, to be honest, I’m really not sure about it. It was good because it gave more information about Aspberger’s, which is a condition on the autism spectrum, but I wasn’t 100% in love with it.

Jacob Hunt has been accused of murdering his social studies tutor, Jess Ogilvy, and has to stand trial. The book shows the progression of the trial and the various threads of a seemingly simple story; how it affects his brother, Theo, his mother, Emma, and others. Jacob suffers from Asberger’s (I knew about the condition already. I’d watched the 2009 film, Adam, which deals with the condition as well.) and has an obsession with forensic science.

THE GOOD: As I previously said, it tells you a lot about Aspberger’s and it also gives some of the story from Jacob’s viewpoint and these passages are filled with dry humour and honesty. Obviously a lot of research went into this book, vis-a-vis the condition itself. However, I am not sure if the obsessiveness over colour is prevalent in people with the condition. No matter, it is still an interesting facet of a story which creates a character (Jacob) who is flawed by his intentions.

THE BAD: The book got predictable near the end.

THE UGLY: Its a cliche.

Over all, its a good book. Jodi Picoult tackles some tricky topics. I don’t think many people would’ve heard about her if not for the film adaptation of My Sister’s Keeper, but that proves that a good book can’t ‘make’ a movie.


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