Books that have film Adaptations

The Great Gatsby (book.)

I haven’t written anything here for ages, and I’ve been dithering with this book for such a long time as well. I haven’t had the time recently with everything going on, to sit down and put another blog post on here so it can be read by you fantastic people.

I first came across this book for two main reasons: 1. The film adaptation which I didn’t go to see in cinemas 2. my younger sister wanted to see the film and she is a big fan of Leo di Caprio, who plays Jay Gatsby.

Hmmm…I’m not really sure what I really think of this book in general. One thing’s for sure, it definately shows that what goes up must come down. Its a sad fact of life and when the host of the party is gone then the party must end.

The filmmakers certainly had a challenge on their hands when it came to writing to screenplay, because there would be those who were huge fans of Fitzgerald’s book. I have heard some of the songs that they used in the 2013 film, and it will be an interesting visual feast to see.

Another thing that came across in the book was Gatsby’s massive insecurities which were so subtle that you’d subconciously forget that such insecurities ever existed.

And for those who say that the book is boring, then maybe the point is that it has no plot so that you are given an insight into it – into the existence of these arrogant, free socialites and what makes their world ‘tick’ – whether that be gambling, romances, money or fast cars. Gatsby embodied the American dream; that he could reinvent himself and reach unlimited heights. Unlike all the selfish rich people who surrounded him, he came from nothing and had to work to get to where he was.

If you have seen the film, what did you think of it? Is it worth a watch?



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