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Vivienne on Guernsey Blue by Yvonne Ozanne.

I wasn’t keen on this book when I first heard about it. Indeed, I wasn’t sure about it at all. Fortunately, my expectations were far surpassed.

Vivienne tells the story of the heroine of the same name who has an enduring romance with a chap called Guy who is – it turns out – a massively flawed hero who captures Vivienne’s heart for over 30 years. The book also vividly brings to life the Guernsey of the 1960s, as well as Cyprus which is a big part of the story; something which I didn’t expect but was done with finesse and charm. In the later parts of the story, it is always fun to be able to recognize areas of Guernsey that I have come to love; being a Guernsey girl myself.

The characters are well-defined and have a solid backstory. Some moments were funny, others heart-achingly sad. I wasn’t sure about the book originally. I know that Mrs Ozanne has written for the Guernsey Press many times and obviously she wrote other books such as Love Apple Island and Love Apples Too. But those were non-fiction books, and I am highly impressed with her fiction effort this time (even though this was published in 2009.) and I think that this book was well worth the wait. Great for Guernsey readers and those abroad too, who may have a love of Guernsey.


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