The Other Tudors by Phillipa Jones.

Another random find at the library. I wanted to do a story set in the Tudor time period which involved the Tudor court. I, at first, thought that this was going to be some well-meaning fiction. It is a non-fiction book, which is surprising because according to my categories I never do non-fiction books. Hmmm.

The book is basically about the other women in King Henry’s life, apart from his six wives. The book talks about other women such as Mary Boleyn, Madge Shelton (Skelton?) and many others. A fascinating book, it utilized the old sources available with ease and pinpoints the candidates of who could be an illegitimate child of King Henry’s, as well as linking modern people with those people from millenia ago, which we only see through costume drama series or docu-dramas.

A good book, good to read if you want to find out more information about important people. However, if you believe it too steadfastly it has the risk of turning the whole Tudor Dynasty into a 16th century episode of the Jeremy Kyle show…

On the plus side, it makes you want to think a great deal about ‘WHAT IF?’ etc etc…

Old King Hal...the dude...
The dude…



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