Jodi Picoult

Picture Perfect by Jodi Picoult

Another Picoult book. (SPOILER ALERT.)

A woman called Cassie is rescued from a graveyard suffering from amnesia. Her rescuer is a Sioux policeman called Will, and over the course of the book we are exposed to the truth about Cassie’s life as she manages to regain her memory and returns to her old life.

Her husband, Alex Rivers, is a famous heart-throb actor who is somewhat two-faced in his manner. He is charming and handsome to the public and is violent to Cassie although he always asks her to take him back in the end. She finally finds the courage to stand up for herself and files for divorce from him.

I just chose this book from the library because I can’t always stay focused on the English classics which you can always drop into conversations but don’t give a damn about. You can often read Jodi Picoult books in an afternoon if you have nothing to do.

One thing that this does well is show the poisonous abusive relationship between the couple: the happy highs to the violent lows and the startling difference between Alex’s public and private image. There is the toxic cycle of violence and passion that exists between the couple and the sad truth that Alex couldn’t keep half-hearted promises that ‘he’d change’ etc.

I’m not sure what to think about this book over all. I think I finished it just so I could give it to my sister to read as well, because she likes Jodi Picoult books. However, it is not the worst book of her that I have read…


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