Chick Lit

Revenge Wears Prada.


I decided to borrow this book from the local library because to be honest I wasn’t that keen on Devil Wears Prada and all the Lauren Weisberger books that I buy always end up in the pile of books destined for the car-boot fairs. I also borrowed it because I wanted to make satirical remarks about the sequel – all the reviews I had read of the book had practically been spitting poison and I was naturally curious.



It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The basic story is that Andrea (10 years later) is now working on a bridal magazine with her onetime arch nemesis, Emily Charleton. Andrea is about to be married to Max, a media exec who had a powerful family.

In these sort of chick-lit stories there always needs to be the ubiquitous ‘letter from mother-in-law’ and it just seemed very soapy.

My main annoyance was with the small things. Correctness with names always annoys me even if its such a small detail. Having written stories myself, tiny incidental details such as names are important.

The big difference was the personality bypass that Andrea had in between the two books. I know that 10 years is a big difference for characteristics to develop but the two personalities were like they came from two people all together.

Miranda didn’t take up as much of the book as I expected. Indeed, she was more like an omnipresent figure in the story; existing, but not existing, if that makes sense. Miranda wasn’t as ‘fluffy bunny’-ish as I was first led to believe because she turns the table on Andrea.

I had a feeling that the ending felt incredibly rushed. Coupled with the constant name-dropping to at least place the book in the past 10 years, because without it the book would flounder. There was also an irritating story arc based around one of the women at Andrea’s mommy circle and Alex, her ex, who is known as Xander…


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