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The Tides of Peace by Denise Robertson.

This book is a sequel to her first book in the saga: The Winds of War. It picks up post-war, and we see what happened to all of the characters.

It doesn’t have the same verve as the previous books, and it gives all the characters fates which are either deserved or not – its up to the reader to decide.

At one point it seemed that all the women were having babies left, right and centre but that is what sagas are like sometimes. The trouble is in trying to keep up with all the story threads.

Among all the issues the story deals with, we see the tragic truth to do with all the aristocratic families of the 18th and 19th centuries which had to step off their golden podiums after both the world wars. The boundaries between the class system (which I don’t believe in, but was still an issue.) broke down in war – after all, Lord Hoffington doesn’t seem so aristocratic when you see him die in his own blood on the battlefield. It was an outdated system but in the story we see one driven young woman determined to keep up the grandeur and social rules of the past. All with tragic consequences.

It also deals with the political situation of the time (I have no idea – don’t ask!) and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. At the time they still thought that their Kings and Queens were deities.

I don’t think there should be a prequel to this story because there really is no need. Everyone got their happy ending.


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