Books that have film Adaptations · Scottish / Irish lit.

Filth by Irvine Welsh.

I found out about this book / film by accident. And I can’t even remember what film I was meant to be finding…


If you’d have told me last year that I was actually going to read – and finish – a book about a corrupt policeman with a nasty itch, I would’ve thought you mad.

Bruce Robertson is one fucked up guy in every sense of the word. Drink, drugs, prostitutes, junk food. He is one manipulative, messed up guy, with serious personal issues.
Its only over the course of the book that we are truly exposed to how truly depraved he really is. But it also gives the reader a glimpse into Bruce’s childhood and early life. It begs the question – how did he turn out like this? Why is he like this?

About 40% of the story is narrated by – of all things – A TAPEWORM! And strangely, it worked. Maybe they should write more stories from the point of view of people’s innards.


Welsh reserved all the major plot bombshells for the past 40 pages of the book and then all the threads come together, leaving me gobsmacked.

I want to watch the film when it comes out in the cinemas. According to IMDB, it has an October release date. I just hope that it can do the book justice when it comes out. It’ll be interesting to see James McAvoy in a role a world away from his usual melee of romantic heroes and X-Men characters.



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