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The Secret Shopper Unrapped by Kate Harrison

This is the sequel to Secret Shopper’s Revenge. It picks up about three years after the previous book.

Emily is now with Will, who she met in the first book. They are looking after her son, Freddie, while still trying to fend off the interference of her ex-husband, Ducan.
Grazia gets a toyboy and experiments with cosmetic surgery. She also regains her confidence with said toyboy and realizes that age doesn’t matter. Sandie is with the Garnett shop heir, Toby, and finds she is pregnant. She has to overcome issues she had with her mother who abandoned her and she can’t bring herself to tell Toby that he is going to be a dad.

There is also the new character of Kelly, who comes from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’ and lives with her father who is constantly drinking and gambling. Sandie gives her a chance as her assistant, convincing her that she can hold down a job.

With this book, I felt that they were leaving the ‘secret shopping’ aspect behind in favour of personal conflicts. When Emily and her son are extras in a film, the whole scene just seemed a bit too pointless and the constant celebrity name dropping was irksome.

Its nice that the story had a happy ending and there is another book in this series so that’ll be worth a read just to find out how it can be all rounded off in the end. A story about people who spy on retail clerks can only have so much shelf-life before it goes stale. A good beach read, but don’t expect great things.

MY RATING: ** / *****



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