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RIP Tom Clancy


Tom Clancy is dead at the age of 66.

I know that in reality, you cannot mark the passing of every author. And I have not read any of his work, just because its not the genre I usually read.

I found out about the death of the author through the only modern way you can – through Twitter. If an author of famous person is trending thence, it usually means they have died.

His books seem to have been beloved by many people who adore his Jack Ryan spy novels. He will be greatly missed by fans. Soon enough all the classic authors that everyone loves will all have gone to that great typewriter in the sky.


2 thoughts on “RIP Tom Clancy

  1. My husband reads his books, I think there are more Clancy books in my house than any other. He was pretty shocked when I read the news headline outloud yesterday. It is very sad!

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