Holiday Reads · Thrillers

The Uninvited by Liz Jensen.

I read this book on the journey to and from Southampton today when I was going to visit Winchester.

I had, however, tried to read it earlier on in the week without success. At first I just couldn’t get into it as a book, and found myself waiting for it to end. However, I got engrossed on it when I was on the plane.

It’s the story of a Asberger’s sufferer, Hesketh, who is good at spotting odd behaviour patterns in people, and he is asked to solve a crime connected with children mercilessly murdering their families. It spreads like a contagion, and Hesketh must try to find out why these murders are occurring.

I found this to be a page-turner, and wanted to find out what happened. It was riveting trying to solve the crime with the clues that were unfolding. Sometimes, the author would cleverly drop clues into the storyline which would only come up several pages later. It certainly shows us what we take for granted when looking at a situation.

It also interweaves modern paranoia about epidemics and how the world reacts when things happen. As a reader you could feel the story unfold around you – heck, I even felt as if I was in the middle of it at times. I thought at first they could make a good film of this if they wanted to, but then again the market seems to be saturated by films about evil children doing evil things. It happening in real life doesn’t even bear thinking about.

In some reviews of this book that I have read, it has been said the ending is too rushed or a bit of an anticlimax for the rest of the book. I disagree. I think it worked well and was quite open-ended, because you have the feeling it isn’t the end. That perhaps, it hasn’t gone away for good.

MY RATING: 4 /5.


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