Chick Lit

The Secret Shopper Affair by Kate Harrison


The last book in the Secret Shopper Series.

If you want a book about secret shopping, avoid this one. I would say it could be a stand-alone novel in the series. Actual mystery shopping is only mentioned once every 100 pages. To be fair, the whole mystery shopping idea could get boring quickly if it was mentioned constantly.

This book mainly explores what the three friends – Grazia, Sandie and Emily – are getting up to. We have Grazia finding a love for erotic embroidery; Sandie is expecting her first baby with her shop heir boyfriend, while trying to save the family business and have a house for them to live in, and Emily is jealous of Sandie’s perfect life and is desperate for a second child with her boyfriend Will.

At one point I thought the story was going to go back onto the ‘man-gets-back-with-his-ex-girlfriend-‘ route and that would be pathetic and boring, storywise because its been done so many times before.
In many ways I’m glad this is the last book in the series. The story was fun at certain points, and in this last book I enjoyed Sandie’s story because all Emily seemed to do was complain and turn on the ‘poor little me’ act.

It was a lovely trio of books but I think the story has run its course because we can see that at the end everyone is happy. Trying to carry the story on from this point could just mean trying to pluck storylines out of mid-air.

MY RATING: *** / *****





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