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Phantom of the Opera


by Gaston Leroux.

To be honest, I knew this book more by its reputation as a film and musical. I wasn’t even aware there was a book version.
Apparently, the book’s popularity mainly comes from the Lloyd Weber musical. The book didn’t sell well and if you are reading the book straight after watching the musical then don’t expect lavish descriptions or great undulations of romance between Christine and Erik because in the book it only comes across that he wants to marry her OR ELSE! Erik himself is not actually revealed in person until further on in the book. The first few pages are mostly taken up with building up the atmosphere and character background.

The basic story doesn’t really need to be explained because everyone has either seen the films or watched the musical. I expected an unsatisfying story which would leave me bored. I was very surprised to find that the book had a great deal of heart, and I even found myself welling up at the point near the end when Erik (The Phantom) knows Christine loves Raoul so gives her the ring she lost and lets her go so long as she promises to return and bury him when he is dead.

This book took me longer to read than I expected but it was worth the wait.

MY RATING: 4 / 5.


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