Lesley Pearse

Belle by Lesley Pearse

This is yet another Lesley Pearse book. Her atypical story is always the same. A good book to read on the beach, but not so good if you actually want to read something intellectual.

Belle Cooper has grown up in a brothel, unaware of what a brothel is or what a prostitute does. She may reside in the same building that her mother uses as a brothel but it takes witnessing a grisly murder for Belle to learn the difficult truth.

She is abducted and is transported from Paris to New Orleans, and goes on many adventures both bad and good. She must use her brain to get herself out of muddles and bad situations. But she comes out of it, having learned lessons and hopefully become a better person, but this is probably unlikely.

It has many themes within it. Most of these themes are depressingly fragile and it’s quite repetitive. But the theme of trafficking is still relevant in the 21st century, although to a lesser degree as then. It had its good points, but I am sad to say that such books are so formulaic and you can very easily skip pages without missing much in the way of story or narrative. There is a sequel, and I believe there is to be a prequel out in 2014. Hmm.

Again, if you are looking for intellectual reading, do not read this.

MY RATING: 2 / 5.


One thought on “Belle by Lesley Pearse

  1. I have started reading Lesley Pearse books. You have a nice review. I must read Bella next. From ireadnovels.wordpress.com

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