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Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie

Another book in the Poirot series. Luckily, this book was not as clunky as its predecessor as the marvel of Poirot is established in the story.

This time, the story deals with a body found on a golf course and a girl with ‘anxious eyes’ as well as a seemingly devoted couple who hide their own secrets. This book also sees Poirot’s sidekick, Hastings, paired off romantically.
As I said, the book did not have the clumsiness of its predecessor. The story was well-defined enough, considering it is only the second novel in the series. Truth be told, I was not a fan of the book to start with because with all her books it seems it takes a while to get fully immersed in the story but when you’re involved then the books can prove to be an interesting melange of clues when you have to face the sad truth not to get involved with a character because they may be the murderer. Either that or they end up dead.

In this book, Christie gives Hastings a romantic interest and writes him out for the time being without the use of murder or disappearance. While I liked this book, I feel that the further I go in the series I may enjoy it more; getting used to Christie’s writing style. Her books are as good, if not better, than Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.

MY RATING: 3 / 5.


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