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Habits of The House by Fay Weldon.

Book #1 in the Love and Inheritance Trilogy, apparently.

All these historical novels are the same. But it was incredibly unimpressive when they use Downton Abbey as a selling point because apparently the second-rate drama and this second-rate book are in some way similar. The basic story of Habits is set around a two-month long timescale because the heir, Viscount Arthur Dilberne needs to marry. He has a mistress who he keeps in comfort and shares with his friend. Minnie O’Brien, his prospective wife from the ‘Windy City’ of Chicago has her own secrets too.

It appropriately shows the close-knit and bigoted life of the upper classes. When who you invited to dinner was strictly guarded and you may be bankrupt but so long as you had a new tea-gown to wear then everything will be OK. I only hope that at some point in the future they possibly carry this story on up to and past World War I. Their comfortable little world would be in for a shock.

It also shows how the servants lived. There are all the atypical characters one might expect in a servant’s hall, including a footman who knows too much and a ladies maid who uses her sexual powers to get information from others.

All in all, this book is rather simply written and easy to read although there were times where my attention wandered. At the moment, I have no interest to read the two other books in the series but I will read them when I have nothing else to do, as they don’t exactly stretch the intelligence and can be read within a day or two.

MY RATING: 2 / 5.



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