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The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

The story of an elderly amusement park worker, Eddie, who is killed trying to save the life of a little girl. He meets five people whose life he impacted upon in some way or another. And then he learns about life, love, family and letting go.

“Those were my hands. I bring you to heaven. Keep you safe,”

I heard about this book through a YouTuber who reviewed it in one of his videos. And from that, I fell in love with the book and longed to have a copy of it in my possession. I finally borrowed a copy from a woman I babysit for, and I managed to read it in 2 days. It is a disarmingly short book but there is charm in every page.

Through the five people Eddie meets in Heaven, he learns how his lives touched others. He had always been bitter that his military service wounds rendered him incapable of a proper life and he felt tied to the amusement park, just like his father. Only later does he realize that he did it for a reason.

If you don’t cry when reading the book, then you don’t have a heart. It is a wonderful book and is a good read if you are having a low point in your life and feel unhappy that you haven’t made your own mark on the world.

I know that there have been constant arguments and discussions about what Heaven is and what is culminates. But I think that my idea of heaven is the one contained in this book – five people who made a difference to your life, showing alternate perspectives.

MY RATING: 5 / 5.


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