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Sense and Sensibility

A still from the 1995 movie.
A still from the 1995 movie.

I can’t read it any longer. I give up!

I think the story is about two sisters: Elinor and Marianne, who hope to marry well after they are left in reduced circumstances. There was supposed to be a romance between one of the sisters and a chap called Willoughby but I know now that for the time being I give up reading this book.

Maybe its just after reading the Bronte’s, reading Austen is like trying to wear really tight shoes. Maybe you will just put up with it, and convince yourself you can make it to the end. But with the Bronte’s dealing with tougher social issues of the time – social niceties never took predominance – you have to force yourself to care about all the little issues of the story, when they clearly can’t see further than the end of their nose.

Maybe I’ll watch one of the adaptations of the book but it’s not really pressing at me right now. I know it is probably best to keep at it rather than to give up but I’ve tried to love this book. I’ve really tried. I really want to read the sea-monster’s adaptation of this because maybe the inclusion of a few tentacled organisms will really push the story along and encourage some solid character development.

Perhaps if the urge grabs me, I may read this book again in the future. But not now, and when I flicked through the final pages that I had failed to read (I had about 150 pages left) I could see that there really wasn’t anything to redeem the book.

MY RATING: * / *****



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