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The Flood Tide by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (#9)

“I hope there are horses in heaven for her,” she said.

This book is the ninth offering in the Morland series. It covers the time period of approximately 1773-1789, and it has plenty of childbirth, death, scandal and romance to keep the book moving. Due to the time period, it also involves a great deal of inclusion of the American War of Independence. I never knew much about the time period, and reading about it has certainly fed my interest in finding out more about that era and the beginning of a great nation.

There were enough sad moments as to be expected, and the main story arc was that of Allen Morland and his wife Jemima as they watch their family grow and thrive. It was nice seeing the continuation of their relationship, but I was quite surprised when the story had her having children right up until she was nearly 50 years old.

This book links the previous one (and possibly the one before that) with the continuation of ‘bad blood’ in the form of the late Lady Marie Louise’s son, Henri, who is a fop and a rake but must overcome the lies he has built up for himself when he marries Madeleine, the daughter of an innkeeper.

Not the best book of the saga, but not the worst either. The characters are strong and dependable, and I hope the next books in the series keep up the strong narrative because somehow the continued saga narrative works, and hasn’t wavered in strength as the saga continues (save for a few, but look on individual reviews for that.) As the story moves into the 19th century and familiar territory to classic English literature aficionados, then it will be good to see another angle to the time period aside from the domestic farce that Austen gave us in her novels. Allen and Jemima are my favourite couple so far in the whole saga and hopefully their love story can have a happy ending.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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