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The Man in the Brown Suit by Agatha Christie (#4).

Sorry I haven’t written a blog post in just under a month. I have been very busy and also I never really read a book all the way through. In this book, it deals with the death of a mysterious man who falls onto some train tracks. The story leads to encompass South Africa, diamonds, and mistaken identity. However, Poirot is not in this book.

In not including Poirot, Christie took a big literary risk and probably did so at the risk of alienating fans of her work. It’s not atypically traditional. It’s from the point of view of Anne Beddingfield, a young woman whose scientist father dies and she gets embroiled in discovering the secrets of The Man in the Brown Suit (the two arcs aren’t connected – don’t worry!). Putting it from a female point of view was amusing and there was wry humour there as Anne navigated life and the eventual complications that the mystery throws in her path.

There were some points when the story seemed pointless but these moments of desertion didn’t last long. At one point, it seemed that everyone was living with secret identities and you didn’t know who was real and who was just an imposter. Even the secretary (who I presumed to be female) was actually male. That’s a turn up for the books, eh?
The romance between Harry and Anne in the end was rather sweet and as all the threads came together it worked out well. It was nice to see that they had a happy ending with their child and still maintained a correspondence with Anne’s friend, Suzanne Blair.

Ultimately, I definitely felt the lack of Poirot could be resounding throughout the book. Hopefully this isn’t repeated again in subsequent books because it just seems to jar off the story far too much. That being said, Christie’s storytelling skills are as strong as they were when the book was written back in 1925.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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