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Worth Fighting For by Lisa Niemi-Swayze

This is a book written by the late Patrick Swayze’s wife, Lisa, detailing Patrick’s battle with cancer.

I was a big fan of Patrick Swayze’s films for a few years and I read his memoir, The Time of My Life. He and his wife were married for 34 years – that’s a long time in Hollywood!
To be honest, when I read this book I expected a ditzy smattering of a book about death – but this book went much deeper. It wasn’t just about Lisa losing Patrick. It was also about how the media and the paparazzi deal with major illness when it concerns a celebrity who they are keen to hound mercilessly for made-up stories to fill the pages of their tabloids.

The book isn’t just about Patrick’s cancer. Its about their relationship as a couple, and how they weathered the storm together. Their love for each other is evident in the way that Lisa writes about Patrick. What also comes across is Patrick’s bravery in the face of his cancer – he starred in the TV show The Beast, while receiving chemotherapy.
The book also contained bits from what I assume was a diary Lisa was writing at the time, detailing her thoughts and feelings as Patrick battled the cancer. She comes across as a very strong woman who undertook her own journey during her husband’s diagnosis and the aftermath.

If you are a fan of Patrick Swayze, then I recommend this book. I don’t think the acting world will ever see a man like him ever again.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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