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Sister by Rosamund Lupton

A thriller about one woman’s search for her sister’s killer.

This book pulled so many surprises that my ultimate view as to whether I like it or not is undecided. It is the story of Bea, whose sister, Tess, goes missing and, when Tess is found murdered Bea must find out the truth about a sister she really knew very little about.

There were so many plot-threads it was almost like a tangled web. In reading the book and uncovering clues, the author was showing us as readers not to trust any character, no matter how nice they seemed. It quickly became more than just about a woman searching for her sister’s killer. There was more beneath the surface – Cystic Fibrosis, gene therapy, corruption, drugs, obsession. The author seems keen to turn the tables on the female protagonist and make her and us doubt her sanity. Some of the background characters seemed little more than arctypes created in the protagonist’s mind – which, indeed, many of them probably were.

There were some moments which moved me but I didn’t cry as I had expected to. Maybe I’ve just become a hardened monster, but it wasn’t the sort of book to have me wallowing in my own self-pity and emotions, despite the book’s subject matter. Having said that, though, at the book’s heart it really is all about the bond between sisters, which I identify with. The book’s narrative is supposed to be one long letter that Bea writes to Tess, supposedly. Having it from this perspective also makes you doubt Bea’s representation of her sister – could she really be that perfect?

Ultimately, I’m on the fence about this book. Its not going to go in my Top 10 list and I won’t really read it again, but it had its share of twists and turns to make it perfectly acceptable as a book.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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