Chick Lit

Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella.

The latest entry into the Shopaholic series of books.

I honestly had no idea this had been released. I saw it in Waterstone’s for half price, and had to buy it because I find the Shopaholic series to be immensely addictive, against my better judgement.
To be honest, this book wasn’t so centred on Becky’s shopping addiction. It dealt with many different themes, which is good because the shopaholic theme is good but a bit wearisome.

In this book, she lives in Hollywood while her husband Luke handles a new client for his financial PR company. But is the gloss of Hollywood as bright as it first appears? Becky has what she has always wanted, but when the fame game gets dangerous, while Becky back out, or will she put her friendships and marriage on the line for the sake of stardom?

While not particularly ‘deep’ as a book, it shows the shallow Hollywood lifestyle laid bare – it isn’t all sparkle and fame as one may think. The other characters are dependable and rather endearing. The characters of Luke and Minnie, for example. The book is also very funny at times.
I wasn’t so keen at first to hear that yet another book had been added to this series. After all, when does it stop? However, it was a fun book to read which I finished in one afternoon. With the end of this book there are plenty of plot arcs which haven’t really been resolved. I hope they can resolve it in the next book.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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