Chick Lit

Mums on Strike

by Laura Kemp

I saw this in the library and thought it would be worth a read. It’s not my sort of book but it looked fun so I thought to give it a go.

It’s about a mum called Lisa who is tired of being taken for granted by her husband and two children. A squashed grape pushes her over the edge and she decides to go on strike.

This book was OK. Simply written, it was good enough, but ultimately I just think perhaps I’m not in the right sociological demographic at the moment to read a book about overworked mums throwing in the proverbial towel. It did make me realise, though, how much work mums do for their families.

These sorts of books always have to have a positive ending where everyone walks away happy, with new positivity and lessons learned. In this, it is true. I didn’t really find it ‘funny’ as such, but I am sure there are plenty of mums who have read this book who can chuckle with sympathetic amusement at all the escapades the families encounter in the story. The author is a mum herself in real life so she is obviously drawing from real-life experience.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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