Mad About The Boy

by Helen Fielding.

This is the final offering in the Bridget Jones trilogy.

When it was released, a lot of people were not very happy because Fielding killed off Mark Darcy. As a result, there is a massive Mark-shaped gap throughout the book’s entirety. I did not read the previous two books in the trio; I only watched the films. Did I miss anything? No? Probably not.

This book also brings Bridget into the perils of the modern age and technology – tweeting, online dating, the works. Daniel Cleaver is still on the pephiery, but more as a godfather figure who babysits her kids and drinks fairy liquid thinking its creme de menthe.

When her character was first belched onto the pages, Bridget Jones seemed to embody Generation X – but now, 14 years on, she just sounds a bit behind the times and is still trying to find a man (still? Can’t she just move on with her life????). She also has two kids – Billy and Mabel. The kids are so sweet in the story, and they are clearly affected by the loss of their dad.

It just seemed to be a bit of a cheat how the ending looked to be a bit cobbled together. It was as if the author changed her mind in how the story would ultimately turn out.

I’m sure if I was a mum with kids, I would identify with the very cliquey atmosphere of school event PTA organizations.
While there were times in the book that made me chuckle, ultimately the book fell a little bit flat. I hope they don’t adapt this into a movie. Fielding could have very easily not killed Mark off and explored the family life a bit more. Maybe it would be treacly, but at least we’d be following the characters on their journey.

Ultimately a rather disappointing book for which a few funny scenes within it could not save this disaster.

MY RATING: * / *****



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