Scottish / Irish lit.

Here Are The Young Men by Rob Doyle.

A group of four young men finish school and find themselves stumbling down the path of destruction.

I tried to avoid reading reviews for this book as far as possible.

Set in early 21st century Ireland, this book follows the reckless youths as they stumble through life –  drugs, alcohol, sex. This book feels as if its delving into the dark recesses of the characters’ minds. Many times I wanted to scrabble back into the light of sanity.

Saying this is a stellar book may be slightly muddy an assumption. When one particular character has fantasies about undertaking so many unspeakable acts, you really have to question whether Doyle has crossed the invisible line between decency and vulgarity. Indeed, the boundary between fantasy and reality.

There were times I had to take a step back and put the book down for a second. The ability to dredge up the very ugly side of personality is commendable, and I applaud the author for that.

Over all, I’d say approach this book with caution if you are under 18 years old. It doesn’t completely sweep the murky depths, but it gets pretty damn close. Very good for a debut novel from a young writer, which captures the personal emptiness experienced by the characters. More please, Mr Doyle!

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****



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