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In God’s House

by Ray Mouton.

The only reason I brought this book was because it was reduced to £3 (original price £18) in Waterstone’s. If I’d picked it up full price I probably wouldn’t have brought it.

Its the story of a lawyer, Renon Chattelrault, who agrees to defend a paedophile priest during his trial for the sexual molestation of hundreds of boys. The story spans the year approximately 1985-2001.
The whole issue of clerical corruption is an issue which is still very ever-present. The author himself represented a priest during a similar trial so he’s obviously speaking from experience.

The book obviously has a very dark nature and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the reader. Upon the time when I began reading the book, I half expected it to be in the style of Jodie Picoult (you get the general idea…) because there were definitely moments the book could have gone without to make it a bit more streamlined. Some of it was just difficult to read because of the core subject matter. The addition of Renon’s love interest Sister Julianne just seemed to exist so he could be given a love interest – a perfect foil for his wife who doesn’t know who he is anymore. Mouton also manages to show how the media react at such catastrophic situations as clerical sex abuse.

This goes to show that it’s not such a good idea to read a book just because its reduced at Waterstones! All the same, this book was certainly written in the sort of ‘thriller style’ which doesn’t really appeal to me. That being said, Mouton’s representation of destroyed innocence was just heartbreaking as the young boys had their innocence taken from them by the perverse priest.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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