Swedish lit

Spring Tide

by Cilla & Rolf Borjlind

Sweden 1987. A pregnant woman is buried up to her neck in sand on a beach. Left to die as she is slowly drowned by the spring tide.

2011. A young police student, Olivia, examines cold cases as a fresh crime-wave hits Stockholm. For her next project, she selects the beach case. Little does she know how much danger she is in.

I read this over the weekend, and it was a quick read by all standards if you have the time to spare (its over 500 pages long…). The book was written by screenwriters who have a heapload of television credits. This book definately seemed to be written in the style which could make it easiest for the transformation between book to screen.

An interesting book, it had tension aplenty within it but there were too many characters who demanded focus and the inevitable conclusion as a result did not have the expected impact for me because I had been too busy paying attention to what the other characters were doing. However, if that’s your thing then that’s ok as well. That being said, characters were picked off in very dramatic, oft violent ways. Not too good if you are squeamish in any way…

This is also my first foray into Swedish literature so I’m probably incredibly biased. The constant use of short sentances
was also probably supposed to convey tension.
But got annoying. Very quickly.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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