Misc. Lit · Thrillers

The Dolls House by M.J Arlidge

The book follows the investigation of murder when a girl’s body is discovered on a remote beach. Her killer had been keeping her alive through the use of social media and texts to her friends and family.

I think this one is one of a series, detailing the work of DI Helen Grace. This is the 3rd of the DI Helen Grace series, but isofar I haven’t read any of the other books. The presence of any ‘spoilers’ in this book to do with previous books doesn’t matter to me because at least it shows that these characters have a backstory which is vaguely legible.

The chapters were short, and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep us guessing. The villain’s trail of thought was put across in quite a creepy manner and I couldn’t sympathize with him and his reasons for doing as he did.

However, one could argue that there were too many characters being focused on and thus it was difficult to fully comprehend full character arcs. I’m not too keen to return to the book series. I’m not suggesting the book is bad or inferior in any way. I just want to vary the book genres I read, that’s all.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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