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The Reckoning (#15) by Cynthia Harrod Eagles.

“I saw you get into a common hackney…and I saw a man waving you goodbye from the door!”

The latest book in the series. I’m still enjoying it but this book didn’t ‘move’ me as much as previous books did. It covers the years round about 1816-1821 and shows an England recovering from the toils of Waterloo and how that affects society in all its forms. Morland Place and its family are having their fair share of problems too. It could be argued that with all the different plots the books are now turning into outlandish soaps.

Its all here – dramatic storms, death, marriage, birth, seduction, mysterious potions, battles with mother-in-laws…they also talk about previous characters who have died in the story or even previous generations and that’s good because it gives great linkage to the books and thereby makes it all seem that bit more real. The family trees are getting bigger and more complex so they don’t mention every single character at every single point in the book, which is good but when they do turn up again I can’t quite recall their linkage to each other even if they do come from the same family. Two things are for certain – they are probably cousins and they will end up getting married at some point probably.

I’ve taken a few more books of the series out of the library so I’ll continue to devour this saga with vigour. The longform narrative is written well and a good example for others who want to adequately sustain a saga narrative over a long period of time, but my only complaint is more of a historical one. I know it was the done thing but when they talk of 22 year old women being beyond hope of marriage and having to face life as spinsters it makes me a bit sad and a bit fearful of my own chances.

Anyway, great book but not fantastic. I shall return and read more of the books.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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