Books I didn't like

The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

by Irvine Welsh.

I’ve had lots of weird looks flung my way when talking of the book. The title itself refers to the media interest in a pair of Siamese twins who are prominently featured throughout the book alongside the central characters of Lucy and Lena.

Lucy is a personal trainer with a rabid sexual appetite (for women) and the ability to mercilessly bully her clients with vitriol and abuse. She treats the overweight Lena with nothing but disdain and resorts to keeping her prisoner in an empty apartment block with nothing but a bucket and a treadmill to ensure she loses weight. Lena herself is an overweight, shy artist who was taken advantage of by an emotionally abusive ex and her passive aggressive parents. Lucy has her own past grievances too which go partly to explain why she is so cruel to everyone around her.

An interesting perspective on people’s obsession with weight, numbers and the media, it is also balefully boring. Every other word is either ‘bitch’ or ‘hoe’ among other things. The ending seemed like a massive kick in the proverbial teeth because it just seemed so…random?

I think I might just stick to reading Welsh’s books about existence in working class Scotland.

MY RATING: * / *****



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