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The Devil’s Horse (#16) by Cynthia Harrod Eagles

“My daughter working for wages? It is not to be thought of. It would be a disgrace on the family,”

Another book in the Morland series. It covers the years approximately 1821-1830. There is so much packed into the book, it leaps from one narrative to the next with little room to breathe but still manages to make a good story.

This book features the death of an older member of the Morland family. While he was indeed a prominent character throughout the other books, his demise did seem rather Gothic in nature and some of the characters did seem a bit Machiavellian. That being said, the evil characters have their reasons for being evil.

Set during an era familiar to many people as the backdrop of Regency / Victorian fiction, the past few books haven’t been as soul destroying as others in the saga. Very good characters, but just not as memorable as others in previous books. Plenty of weddings, babies, infidelities and corruption to whet the appetite, as well as topical events of the time being covered by characters as they mull over the ever changing world around them.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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