The New Rules by Catherine Hakim

A book about internet dating in the era of social media and dating websites.

Maybe I’m the wrong demographic but I hated this book. If I was a businessman who wanted to have a woman on the side then this book would be ideal. It had lots of allegorical stories, which got boring very quickly.

Any data about infidelity seemed to be very infinitesimal. Hakim is a sociologist whose speciality is women’s issues and if this was your area of study then it would be the ideal book to cite in your work or essays.

I just can’t fathom why a person would have an affair while they’re married. Of course there are reasons but it just seems inexplicable. Then again I’m in completely the wrong demographic!

The only reason I read it was because it was 50p from a waterstones clearance bin.

MY RATING: * / *****


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