Books that have film Adaptations

Room by Emma Donoghue

“Everywhere I’m looking at kids, adults mostly don’t seem to like them, not even the parents do. They call the kids gorgeous and so cute, they make the kids do the thing all over again so they can take a photo, but they don’t want to actually play with them, they’d rather drink coffee talking to other adults,” 

Jack’s world is the Room he and his mother occupy. Its all he knows, under the rule of Old Nick, who had kept Ma imprisoned for 7 years. When his mother plans a daring escape, will they be prepared to face the outside world?

This book got lots of attention and got made into a film. This book was written in the voice of an intelligent 5-year old who tries to fathom the world around him when he finds himself in a strange new world – a world he thinks only exists in the TV which was his only comfort during his incarceration in Room with his Ma.

Donoghue’s narrative voice of a five year old displays a great deal of wisdom and insight, with Donoghue keeping elements of the plot unknown till later in the book. The story should have ended with Old Nick’s trial – to give the story finality if nothing else.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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