Javascript Creativity by Shane Hudson

It could be argued that I don’t have the knowledge or expertise to review a book about JavaScript…

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and to be perfectly fair the book was on my bookshelf. If something is on my bookshelf, I will review it. Even if a stray cat, ferret or spider monkey were to end up on my bookshelf, be well assured that I would give them the appropriate * rating.

Even with the warning that the code used in the book was quite complex, I found the chapter on 3D useful because it underpinned the theories and concepts which I learned when using Blender when I was in college (2011-2012). I struggled to understand it then, but reading the chapter now was extremely helpful, if extremely belated.
To begin with, I thought it would simply be a ‘how to’ guide. It was pleasantly surprising that it was more than that. Of course, it doesn’t have me rushing to follow the steps just yet but it was all explained clearly and the code used was unpacked and thoroughly explained, further giving the opportunity to create the building blocks of further projects, if the reader of the book was thus inclined to do so. Further information was also provided at the end of the book so perfect for those who would want to read further on the topic, with lists of similar books etc.

If you are trained in web development et al then this is the book for you. I wish I could say more of the book, but ultimately I approached it hoping for readability even for someone who was obviously not an expert in the field of computer science/web development. Of that it achieved the purpose – intentioned or not. Appealing to those whose talents may not be as prolific does not cheapen the hard work, ambition and dedication that obviously went into the workings of the book. It just shows how to go through the workings of seemingly simple projects step by step and makes it achievable to those people who may be daunted by such a task. That side of things is all about experimentation with the tools at your disposal.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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