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The Outcast by Sadie Jones

“Look Lewis!’ she said, and held her arms out wide. “We’re saved!” 

Lewis Aldridge is left stunned by the death of his mother when she drowns while on a picnic with him in 1947. Now, he must fend for himself in the stuffy, suppressed atmosphere of 1950s England. He accrues quite the reputation for violence, but is prepared to fight for those he loves. The unfortunate side effect of this is that he is seen as damaged goods by society and not even his father can help him face his demons.

The BBC adaptation of this book was the vehicle which convinced me to read this book. Its certainly a heady mix to have a group of people who are all hell bent on self destruction, further destroying themselves and others. Lewis is anethema to polite society because he is not ‘normal’. 

A super book. Very heartbreaking, and I wanted Lewis to have a happy ending, with Kit. I hope he did. I loved the character of Kit Carmichael who had luminosity which far exceeded that of her older ‘prettier’ sister, Tamsin. I highly recommend this book.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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