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Jeremy Poldark (The Poldark Saga #3) by Winston Graham

“Without him she would be no more than half a person,” 

This is the 3rd entry in the wonderful Poldark saga. Half of the book is concerned with Ross’s trial. The rest of the book involves so many other plot points, but I felt so bereft when the book was over.

The characters in the book were very vividly represented as in the previous books. Julia’s death which occurred in book #2 is still keenly felt by Ross and Demelza. Their son, Jeremy, is born at the end of this book, though.

There were all the old characters who I had become familiar with in book #1 and #2. I don’t really keep up with the fates of secondary characters, however. It would also seem the seeds have been sewn for something more to develop between Elizabeth and Ross.

Ultimately another wonderful entry in a satisfying saga. I can’t wait for the next series of the BBC Poldark drama to be on TV.

MY RATING: **** / **** 


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