Chick Lit · Lesley Pearse

Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse

Ben and Eva looked at each other and tried to smile. It was the most unlikely record for Sophie to choose…but she had loved it, playing it over and over again. As Pavarotti’s voice soared, Eva hoped he was letting her sister’s spirit free. 

Its been 2 whole years since I reviewed a Lesley Pearse book.

This book got better as it progressed but ultimately left me very unimpressed by the end. I stand by my original comments that Pearse’s books are devoid of intellectual plot or characters. 

It is a good book to read when you find your mind switched off. The feeling of entrapment by the Patterson family was well put across, and shows that no ‘perfect’ life is truly perfect. Nonetheless, the dialogue felt repetitive. The amount of times characters put on a pot of tea seemed convoluted and could very well be the solution to life’s problems. 

Your house burns down? tea

Your boyfriend cheat on you? tea.

Your sister died? tea?

Your father defraud his company? Tea! 

Having an identity crisis? TEA!

You get the idea…And don’t get me started on Eva’s unrealistic too-good-t0-be-true love interest. 

MY RATING: ** / *****



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