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The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins

by John Pearson.

This book details the rise and fall of the notorious Kray twins, and it is what the film Legend is based on – a film I am yet to see.

This book was engaging and interesting. I knew little of the Kray twins beyond the basic facts and this book presented their crimes in a simple but somewhat harsh way. The author presents the facts but presents them is all he does. He is unbiased and lets you make up your opinion for yourself about how good/evil the twins truly were. Given that he met the twins, that certainly adds another layer to this particular encapsulation of their reign of terror.

Reading about Ronnie’s tragic wife Frances was truly sad because she could never truly escape the clutches of the Krays and her depression must’ve been fuelled by the inability to leave the toxic environment which she was forced to live in.

This book captivatingly presents how the two chubby cheeked babies in white woolly hats grew up to become two of the most violent gangsters in Britain. The twins were certainly cunning because they could manipulate mass media, politicians and movie stars.

What let this book down was (because my copy is a 2015 edition) it contained a postscript, plugging the film and making the book more about the author’s self discovery rather than the twins and the evilness at their core.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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