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The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

“Its not that I don’t want them…I just can’t take them with me,”

To be honest, this book didn’t wow me from the get-go. I felt to begin with that the film was superior. As time went on, and I became further engrossed in the book. The strength lies in the way which scenes are painted within the narrative. Of course, ignoring the fact that the story is more fiction than fact, it was still a good book.

Making Wegener’s wife an American called Greta seemed to be a haphazard way of pacifying American readers of the book. All the same, what the story was good at portraying was the turmoil of Einar as he struggled to find happiness with his own identity. In the 21st century, of course transgender issues are much to the fore, and it is just so sad because these days these things still happen but society is slowly becoming far more understanding.

Of course, the story also deals with Lili’s desire to be a ‘normal’ woman who would have a husband and family but tragically she never got what she truly wanted in the end. Of course the biography of Lili is more factual and its certainly made me want to go and track down a copy.

Ultimately, this book was interesting to read and I became enthralled with it as it went along. The dividing identities of Einar and Lili were truly heartbreaking.

MY RATING: **** / *****

“It didn’t matter who she was, or what she’d become…she was Fraulein Lili Elbe. A Danish Girl in Dresden…Now she knew what Greta had meant: the rest Lili would have to undergo alone,”


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