Misc. Historical Fiction.

The Winter Journey (#20) by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles.

“That was why she couldn’t cry: he had gone away to be happy, and had seen her boys before he went,” 

Another book in the Morland saga. I have loved this series so far, and right now this book means that I am over half way done with the saga, unless more are written by the time I reach the end.

This book covers approximately the years 1851-1856. All of the narratives are interwoven well and this is also the book which brings back the American cousins branch of the family tree which seemed to disappear from the story a few books back. At least this will give the Morland family a degree of linkage with the American Civil War when it is doubtless to be covered in the next few books.

Plenty of plots were covered in this book. Birth, death, marriage, evil husbands, daring escapes. A sense of been there done that is certainly evident in the book but after 20 books and a limited human scenarios that can feasibly occur it is to only be expected. The Crimean War was covered avidly and in aching detail. I never really knew much about the Crimean War beyond the bare bone basics. The battle scenes were vividly written and the mingling of the history of this fictional family and true history is again truly fascinating.

Of course this book also dealt with the deaths of a few key figures within the Morland family. With one of them in particular it felt like it should have required a little more notice given how much importance the character had within the family.

As I said, I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and most of the books in this magnificent saga.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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