Chick Lit

How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry

“There’s a book for everyone, even if they don’t think there is. A book that reaches in and grabs your soul.” 

I got this book in hardback from the reduced section of Waterstones when the paperback version was released. It is the story of Emilia, a young woman whose father dies and she is left to manage his bookshop. Interwoven with this are the other characters whose lives are all affected by the bookshop and its late owner in some way.

I have nothing against cheesy, forgettable chick-lit. It can be rather fun sometimes. This book is perfect if you want something to read in a few days. I would have much rather have had a story which further interwove the story of Emilia and her father closer, because the bit in the book about Julius’s relationship with Emilia’s American mother was interesting and I really wanted to know more about the aftermath. Pity, as it was built up in such an engaging way.

The secondary characters whose stories interwove with that of the bookshop were interesting enough but I felt it was all too cookie-cutter perfect to be believable. At the end of it, any of the impediments which popped up along the way weren’t really problems because they were explained away so easily. The evil characters didn’t seem evil, again, just little more than caricatures.

Again, I’m not saying the book is awful (at least, not bad enough to go on my Top 10 worst books list) its just that such chick-lit esque books have a time and a place to be enjoyed. They are forgettable, and that’s their biggest charm. I thought the title of the book was rather fun, that being said.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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