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Rave On: The Biography of Buddy Holly

by Phillip Norman.

This was one of the Buddy Holly biographies which I ordered from Amazon a few months ago.

As of now this is also the best biography I have read of the late great rockabilly Texan. At the time of Buddy’s death Norman was a student and a big fan of his music, and it certainly shows in this biography. Drawing from interviews by Holly’s nearest and dearest, it gives the history enough depth to show himĀ from his early beginnings as a budding musician in Texas through to the height of his fame andĀ ending with his tragic death.

It also talks about the problematic relationship his band The Crickets had with their manager Norman Petty. I didn’t really know the true scope of how bad things really were and reading about is just so sad because Petty obviously manipulated the band for his own ends. It is also clear that Petty resented Buddy’s wife Maria Elena because she was aware of what he was doing with the band’s money.

It shows Buddy as a true innovator in music, with so much unused potential and so much ahead of him which was tragically cut short. I highly recommend this biography to everyone. It has a really interesting photograph section too, which is always a bonus.

MY RATING: ***** / *****



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