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Warleggan (#4) by Winston Graham

“For if you wish to discover a man’s true feelings, it is always best to provoke him.”

This book is the fourth entry in the Poldark saga. I read this after I saw the series on television, and it was good to see that the series is quite faithful to the books for the most part.

Perhaps my feelings towards the book were slightly dulled, having already watched the tv series. However, all things considered its a good book. The loss of Francis was still as heartbreaking as in the series, although this series is not as heart-wrenching as its predecessors.

The relationship between Dr Enys and Caroline was interesting as well although it seemed more like a battle of wits than an actual romance, although they did reconcile at the end.

I didn’t realize how many books were in this series until recently, and I can’t wait to read the rest of them. The period detail is amazing in the books, and it doesn’t feel clumped together for the sake of historical representation. The characters are all really interesting – and certainly not perfect!

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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