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A -Z of Buddy Holly

by Alan Mann.

I wasn’t too sure what to think of this book. I shouldn’t have gone into it with so many preconceptions, because A-Z books can be haphazard at the best of times.

Luckily this book was relatively short although very all-encompassing. Some of the different sections contained information about his songs which was interesting to read, although at times Mann seemed more overawed about the fact that the 21st century was fast approaching (the book was written c. 1996) and it was amusing when he called A-Z lists ‘hi-tech’.

This is a good book for a newbie to Holly’s music and life story, because while it is not exactly a doorstep of a book it gives plenty of information to whet the appetite and make the reader want to discover more. The entries cover plenty, including the singers and bands who were influenced by Holly or by his legacy. Mann’s passion for Holly’s music is tangible.¬†While this is not the best book on Holly I’ve read, its not the worst either. It certainly seems to be a labour of love from a fan of the late great bespectacled ¬†music genius.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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