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The Mirage (#22) by Cynthia Harrod Eagles

“Morland Place had worked its way into her heart. It was her home now, and if she didn’t quite see herself as a Morland, at least she saw Morland Place as belonging to the Turlingham’s,” 

This 22nd book in the Morland saga covers the years around about 1870-1873. Of course as the saga itself has spanned nearly 400 years at this point it is only to be expected that some of the same narratives in their barest form are repeated.

This book sees the exit of Benedict Morland, the patriarch of the Morlands as he succumbs to fever abroad. The narrative of a penniless woman falling for the heir to the Morland fortune and consequently draining said fortune is by no means a new story in this saga. It is undertaken unchallengingly and despite the references to previous narratives further back in Morland history I still felt that this book could likely constitute as a stand alone in its own right.

The book again contained enough marriage, love, drama and death to whet the appetite as usually happens within the previous books. Any enticing challenge which could likely lead the story down a new path was all too easily defeated by the story’s end. While normalcy is obviously boring from a fictional standpoint, it seems as if the action unfolding in this series is something approaching melodrama.

In previous books there have been times when I have felt particularly attached to characters or narratives. Sometimes such things have made me feel strong emotion. However, not in this particular instance. While of course it is great to read another entry in the saga, I didn’t really connect with any particular characters especially.

MY RATING: **.5 / *****


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