Death Note (Black Edition, Volume 1) by Tsugumi Oba

Reading this was my first foray into reading a volume of manga…

I had always known about Death Note – the basic premise, anyway. I had also never read a volume of manga before so had to constantly remind myself to read the book backwards.

While it took me a short time to slowly become engrossed in the unfolding story, it was an enjoyable few days as I became involved in the twists and turns. To me personally, it seems as if the early points in the narrative question the ethics of murder, to begin with even if those who are being killed are themselves criminals.

I will for sure seek out the subsequent volumes but at the same time I’m also trying to keep as unknowing of the plot as possible so any feelings I have towards the manga itself will be as genuine as possible. I know there is also the TV series which I am tempted to watch, but perhaps I will put that off until I’ve finished all of the volumes of the manga itself.

MY RATING: **** / *****


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