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Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

“Yes…Your revenge. With your dagger and my own hand I avenged you,”

Gordonius the Finder is summoned to the house of Cicero who is preparing to defend a landowner who is accused of patricide.

This was my first foray into fiction set in the Roman era. Even though the book was slow to start, I quickly became engrossed in the characters and the unfolding narrative. It quickly became clear from the get go that the story was not going to be a typical murder mystery narrative.

Saylor’s description of Rome felt so brought to life and very vivid. I was engrossed in the story and continued to be right until the end.

I tried to keep as plot blind to the story as possible because I think it really helped me appreciate the story and understand the characters without the indisposition of other people’s reviews to cloud judgements.

If you are interested in the Romans then by all means check out this book. While it is by no means a quick read (over 500 pages long) it is certainly one to get engrossed in because this is the first book of a series. While this is probably too violent a book to be read by a younger audience, I don’t think Saylor had a younger audience as his target demographic.

MY RATING : **** / *****


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