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Not Fade Away by John Gribbin 

Two book blogposts in a single day ? Yippee !!

This is another one of my Buddy Holly books. I don’t know what made me hold off reading this until now. And due to extreme heat and languidity I finished reading this book in a few hours .

While it doesn’t particularly tackle anything new or unknown within the Buddy Holly narrative, it still explains his influence on other musicians and how his music defined his legacy.  While it’s not the best Buddy biography (Norman’so Rave On gets that tick of approval from me), it is still good.

A lot of the reviews I read of the book said it was bad and perhaps I prepared myself to read a subpar book. However, despite being a bit disprganized at times, this didn’t let the book down and it was still an enjoyable read . A great book to get into for any budding Buddy fans.

Gribbin quite clearly has a massive passion for Buddy Hollys music and it shows,  without the authors personal journey of musical discovery overshadowing the books quality as a whole.

A worthy read for any Buddy Holly fan old or new.

MY RATING: ***.5 / *****


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